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Eagle Estate Agents maintains a portfolio of homes, commercial and industrial properties to rent. Through its wealth of experience and expertise, this portfolio is continually updated. 

Our property management covers all areas of letting, preparation of leases, inspections, payment, repairs, and maintenance. Tenants are thoroughly assessed for financial stability and general suitability. Landlords and tenants alike are guaranteed for prompt efficient service through in-house maintenance network. Our goal is to provide one of the best management services in Zimbabwe, regionally and internationally.

Zimbabwe property inspections are carried out free of charge and without obligation. On completion of such inspection, a letter is submitted to the property owner outlining any faults and recommending an approximate rental valuation. We do not take any further action until instructions to proceed have been received from the owner, Property viewing arrangements are made according to the owner's instructions. Interested parties are given a form to complete and after processing, these forms are submitted to the owner who then chooses the tenant. Prospective tenants are required to submit trade references and an acceptable guarantor. 


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