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This division is responsible for identifying and selling properties on behalf of  Landlords. Our system as  Eagle Estate Agents is to provide you with a personal and free accurate assessment of your property and based on the assessment you can safely take sound decisions on planning your future investments.

Our consultants are well versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of property investment and as such will provide you with expert advice and guidance in your property investment decisions.

Having decided to sell your property, you should contact our Sales Consultants who will ask you to sign a Mandate Form. The owner of the property gives authority to Eagle Estate Agents to sell the property on behalf of the Property owner. There are three types of mandates to choose from i.e.

(a) an exclusive mandate to sell, giving Eagle Estate Agents an exclusive right to sell.

(b) a sole agency mandate and

(c) an open mandate. 

Once this exercise has been done, our consultant will phone and make appointments to view the property. Prospective buyers will be accompanied by a relevant consultant, to view the property.


We recommend to clients that they give Eagle Estate Agents SOLE AGENTS for the first  (30) days. This we do, because we believe having more than one Estate Agents handling your property means uncoordinated viewing creating potential and real problems. Being the only Agency selling your property for the first few days gives us the latitude of our advertising budget and property consultant's time allocation to marketing and subsequent sale of your property. We believe that such focussed attention will be mutually beneficial to the concerned parties, apart from this benefit, we believe that we are a reputable company and have capable professionals and experts in the field of selling properties who are capable of handling the sale of your property. So why not give us sole authority at least for the first 30 (days), thereafter one can spread the net and remove the sole agency.  


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